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Fiberglass Pools in St. Louis, MO

A pool is worthwhile investment in fun for you and your loved ones. If you are interested in creating a backyard retreat that can be enjoyed during the summer months, look to Little Giant Pool and Spa. We are the leading provider of fiberglass pools in St. Louis, MO.

For more than 23 years, we have continued to support our client's expectations in appearance, performance, and functionality. By utilizing exceptional products and materials from the industry's leading brands, our team delivers impressive pools that can serve your household far into the future.

Choose from a Wide Selection of Fiberglass Pools

If you are finally ready to get the pool of your dreams, then you've likely already done some research regarding available materials. However, a swimming pool professional is the only one qualified to provide you with the perfect solution for your unique home and landscape.

We commonly recommend fiberglass pools for first-time pool owners. Our business is partnered with the trusted pool manufacturer Aloha. When you hire us, you get to choose from any of the following fiberglass options designed and fabricated by this brand:

  • Varying Sizes & Shapes
  • Special Lap Pool Styles
  • Upgraded Fiberglass Spas

Fiberglass Pool - St. Louis, MO

Fiberglass Swimming Pools with Luxury Features

Fiberglass swimming pools are essentially nonporous shells covered in a gel-coated surface. The shell is placed directly in the ground, creating an oasis right there on the property. When done right, pools made of fiberglass frequently enhance the appeal and value of a home. In addition to improved property value, you can expect the following results with any of the pools we carry:

  • Convenient Built-in Seats & Steps
  • Minimal Maintenance Required
  • Smooth & Non-Abrasive Surfacing
  • Little to None Lifetime Costs
  • Quick & Professional Installation

Swift & Skilled Fiberglass Pool Construction

All Aloha fiberglass pools are manufactured in a controlled environment. When you purchase one of these pools, it is shipped from the factory to your location. Because this aspect of construction is completed off-site, the installation is performed faster than with any other pool material. The average fiberglass pool construction from our team takes only three to five weeks. Allow us to address any of your additional questions and concerns by taking advantage of a free estimate and quote.

Are you interested in the referral program at Little Giant Pool and Spa? Contact us and don't forget to ask about receiving a free estimate on our fiberglass pools. We offer installations throughout St. Louis, St. Charles, St. Peters, Creve Coeur, and Ballwin, Missouri, as well as the surrounding areas.